Divine Anarchy
5 min readJan 17, 2022


Edition 8. Judgment

Dear Citizens,

We’re closing out this sprint strong, and looking good for this week’s launch. All UI designs for both the game and the website have been finalized and the team is working on implementing them. Still have a couple more stories for the team to complete, more on that in dev updates.

Pre-game AMA: Join the Divine Anarchy Core Team on Jan 20th for a Twitter Spaces AMA on the Divine Anarchy Twitter Account. We will be discussing all things game related and the future of DA! This will be recorded for anyone that misses it.

Game Launch: Jan 21st!

Game/Dev updates: Will be keeping this section short and sweet as this has to do with a lot of back and forth, as well as planning amongst the team. So here is a bulleted list of what was being discussed/worked on this week:

  • Server infrastructure
  • UI Updating/attaching
  • Testing environment
  • Reviewal/Refactor of existing code
  • Audio: SFX/Music

Adan Giveaway: We are giving away Adan, the Ethereal Monarch of the Genesis bloodline to one lucky winner.

In order to qualify you must own 3 Divine Anarchy NFTs and be present at the live event on Discord Hangout Voice Chat Jan 19th at 10pm EST. Get ready to play a game!

Owning a Genesis Monarch gives you 1,000 votes in the game.

1776 Donation: In November we auctioned off the patriotic token ID 1776 and promised the funds would be donated. We’d like to share that with CurateProject we donated $6,800 USD to UK Love and Compassion in Action (UKLCA) and $6,800 to Young Minds Trust UK.

UKLCA is a charity that establishes projects in the underdeveloped villages of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, South India, that offer relief and assistance to the underprivileged, providing medical aid, education, bore wells and financial support, aiming to make them self-sufficient.

Young Minds Trust UK is the UK’s leading charity committed to the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

ZooDAO Partnership Update: We are very excited to announce a new update that the ZooDAO partnership will be offering. 0.5% of the yield that the community generates will now go to the projects directly, either a community fund or to the creator’s wallet by default!

Spirit Animal: Another Spirit Animal sneak peek was shared this week of the mighty Wolf which was first seen in our pre-mint trailer. All Spirit Animals come with their own lore and rarity. The art should be done towards the end of January with our goal to drop the collection early February.

Ethereal Monarch Backstories:
This week we published the epic backstory of Solomon, the Ethereal Monarch of the Nubian Bloodline.

In the heat of the Grasslands, a lone leader would come to bring about an age of prosperity and enlightenment.

She brought peace where there was war. She brought cooperation where there was conflict.


If you missed the other monarch back stories check them out below:

Adan and Eva

Be on the look out for the backstories of Thor, Anubis, Arthur, and Genghis!

Coin Bot: Our team has been actively discussing the further development of our server for 2 weeks. We want to create an unforgettable experience using the game even when you don’t have it open. We want to link the server and the game into one ecosystem.

The first major update will be The Gambler. This is a new casino bot where you can multiply or maybe lose your coins. 2 games will be available to you: roulette and PVP coin. The essence of roulette is straightforward. It is a classic roulette, like in a real casino. Pvp coin — a duel for 2 players, each of whom bets the same number of coins. The will of the Creator chooses the winner.

The second major update will be the first generation of taxation. Since we are striving to create a natural economic system, we need to make all the conditions for the existence of such. One of these conditions is tax. In front of us, once again, a series of significant innovations await us, which will make your experience even more unforgettable.

This week we will be offering the following NFTs from the Divine Anarchy Treasury Wallet to be available for purchase with Divine Coins in our discord server:
#5743= 350,000 coins
#1033= 200,000 coins
#3204= 350,000 coins
#7851= 200,000 coins
#7255= 300,000 coins

Featured above is Token ID #3204 which will be available to purchase with coins this week.​​

Wasteland Collection: As stated previously, the collection is all set to go! This is a Season 2 collection and will be airdropped likely towards the end of Season 1 which is about to begin Jan 21st.

Citizen Spotlight:The Creator’s consuls have met plenty of citizens along their journey. While some can be known as acquaintances, some citizens have actually left a mark significantly.

One such citizen is MasterLuka1213#9125. He is a simple man who aims to be of help to everyone he meets. His presence exudes a warm aura that compels people to be around him and listen to his guiding words. Unbeknown to him, he has the ability to lead the people through times of struggle.

Merch Store: Unfortunately there was a problem that arose in the supply chain of the POD provider we were using so we will have to delay the launch of our merch store.

What to Expect Next:

  • AMA with the Core Team Jan 20th
  • Game Launch Jan 21st
  • Game mechanics infographic
  • New Website Launch Jan 21st
  • Adan Ethereal Monarch Giveaway, Jan 19th at 10pm EST
  • Backstories of Thor, Anubis, Arthur, and Genghis

- DA Core Team (AB, Naan, Diversity, slChld, Grxxnt,Clench)