Kupala [Agarthians]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readDec 31, 2021


The stories of the Blind Agarthian’s origin were few and far between, replete with speculation and fantasy. Still, his name was known throughout the world: Kupala.

Kupala’s mythical origin was rumored to have taken place deep in the belly of the underworld. His home, a downtrodden hut, remained within the shrouded darkness and its twisting tunnels. The young boy lived there alone. He would become both the leader and savior of Agartha.

Lacking a memory of his early years, this child knew only obscurity and isolation. Born with defective eyes and an inability to speak, Agarthian society regarded him as a reject and lost cause. He was forgotten. After living beneath the Earth’s crust as a lone outcast, he sought answers. This curiosity brought him to the surface world, his only guidance a tugging feeling deep within his soul.

Upon finally finding his way above ground, he wandered lush landscapes for six days under heavy rainfall. On the morning of the seventh day, he stood atop a grassy hilltop as the storm finally stalled. A sunbeam tore through the waning clouds. As the sunlight touched his skin for the first time, Kupala’s epiphany came upon him. A long exhale brought about a feeling he had never felt before. The child rekindled a power he was yet to understand. “The Creator,” he spoke unwittingly. A gentle smile found its way to his face.

Suddenly, his once dried eyelids opened wide. He observed the nature around him. Without thinking, Kupala shifted his gaze toward the incandescent sun with intensity. Rather than looking away after seconds, he became drawn to it. His eyes involuntarily locked upon the orange sphere. Unlike any mortal, the child was unfazed by the strain such power may have caused. The Creator’s essence relayed its eternal connection.

Stories said that he stared into the sun for the following seven days until an Agarthian search party found him. They dragged him back to the underworld. On their way back, Kupala took his fellow Agarthians by surprise. He could speak. His journey, and its resulting epiphany, had given him “true blindness.” Yet, his eyes were opened.

Inspired by his mysterious communication with The Creator, Kupala grew older and became renowned within Agarthian society. After recounting his experience, those who once ruled him out of existence regarded him as “The Chosen One.” Over time, he began to further realize the knowledge bestowed upon him by The Creator. He possessed something mystical. Soon, he grew into positions of leadership in both militarism and spirituality in the community. While he could speak, commonfolk considered themselves lucky to hear it. His wisdom and mentorship were deemed sacred. Kupala’s powers from The Creator only grew stronger as he aged. As a staunch believer in silence, he came to lead Agarthian society through action with grace and purpose.