Adan and Eva [Genesis]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readDec 27, 2021



As the firstborn of the Genesis bloodline, Adan and Eva were prime iterations of the Creator who took form in physical reality. They were the archetypes of divinity within the worldly realm. Yet their origins were of otherworldly nature.

In the beginning, the first blessed rain fell upon the gardens of Eden. Water coalesced, and with the help of a mystical breeze, earthen dust spun into the wind to meet the rainfall. This heavenly collision of nature’s elements produced a celestial figure who took the form of a female.

During the storm, a small fire smoldered in the center of Eden’s gardens. This petty flame soon grew into a mighty inferno. After seven days, the dense rains reached the roaring blaze. It extinguished in seconds. At the heart of it all was a great oak tree which survived the seven-day combustion against all odds. As water met fire, the lonely tree became enveloped in a thick cloud of vapor. What emerged from the mist was a supernatural figure who took the form of a male and walked free.

From the divine rain of Eden’s gardens came the first two autonomous humanoids to touch reality as perfection incarnate. The Creator’s vision of virtue was embodied in these two physical beings: Adan and Eva. Those who wished to look upon them would be blinded by their presences, which expunged all darkness. As the two personifications of perfection, this trait was their greatest flaw. They were imprisoned in a life of simplicity, barred from the experience of weakness, error, and misfortune. Adan and Eva possessed an endless and unburdened favor of the Creator, far beyond any of his other creations. Because of this, they took it upon themselves to serve the people of Genesis.

Together, Adan and Eva held the balance of space and time. While Adan walked the world among the Genesis people, Eva barred herself from society within Eden’s most sacred garden. Many believe she would resurface when the Divine Tribune began.