Owazi [Songhai]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readJan 5, 2022



As the Agarthians began their exploration of the surface world, there came a girl born in the salt of the sea. From a young age, this child had been obsessed with dreams deemed impossible. She yearned to illuminate the world; she sought to travel to the ends of the Earth and bring prosperity to her people. She would become world-renowned: Owazi, the great explorer.

Her prestige arose through tumultuous trials and tribulations. Upon becoming an adult, Owazi set to the seas without a second thought. One small ship, a steadfast crew, and a single aspiration would move the world forward. As most ambitious seafarers left Agarthian outposts never to be seen again, many saw Owazi’s crew as another statistic. Little did they realize the blessing she was born with, one from The Creator himself.

Embarking on this expedition brought Owazi to the realization of her blessing. Precarious storms and treacherous seas tested their resolve during years of exploration. Where other ships were taken by the sea, Owazi’s persevered. The crew would make landfall around the globe over a span of years. During this time, they developed maps of the continents and the stars that twinkled above them.

Upon Owazi’s return, her discoveries were celebrated among the community. The Agarthians who sought to explore followed her. This marked the beginning of the Songhai. Under her leadership, a new society of mercantilists would traverse the world. The second expedition led to Owazi developing a worldwide trading network. It was then coupled with the world’s first global mining operation. The Songhai crews she taught were known as “pioneers of the silk road,” aiding in the establishment of global trade. Some doubted the rumors of Owazi’s blessing from The Creator. That was until she routed the entry points to Eden itself, something thought to be impossible. This feat would cement her status throughout the world as an Ethereal Monarch.

Owazi led as both a pirate and an admiral who possessed a death-defying curiosity. Her tactics often carried a fine edge, transcending the bureaucratic laws of the land when necessary. She was never late; she was never wrong. A true pioneer at heart, her lifework was the perpetual betterment of her people.