Poseidon [Atlanteans]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readJan 9, 2022



Beneath the roaring surfaces of the seas swam a being in solitude. Sanctified by The Creator, this entity had been tasked with ensuring the balance of the world’s oceans for eternity. His name was Poseidon.

As water tore through civilization during The Great Flood, Poseidon and his kingdom remained safe. Following the destruction, he surfaced upon a narrow island and encountered a small group of stranded Songhai. They were taken aback by his immense humanoid figure, which sported both gills and a sumptuous blue mane. Doomed to a life of stark survival, Poseidon gave them a second option. “Come with me and be saved.”

With the only other alternative being certain death, the band of Songhai accepted his offer. Each of them was given a vial of cerulean blood. By consuming it, they became amphibious. Their ability to breathe underwater gave them access to Poseidon’s Kingdom. This was where he led them.

In the deepest expanse of the world’s briny blue ocean laid this lavish landscape. Friendly fish colonies, seahorses, and squids graced its mighty coral reefs. A glittering gold city overlooked the shoal. Within its walls bustled the budding society of the Atlanteans. The newly aquatic Songhai, while bewildered, were welcomed with open arms. They would become a part of one of the world’s most mysterious Bloodlines, the Atlanteans.

After generations, the Atlanteans continued to evolve. With gills, shining scales, and empowered eyesight, their society flourished throughout the deep seas. It was not always peaceful. Many wars were fought between the Atlanteans and their old kinfolk, the Songhai. As seafaring Songhai clans sought to re-establish their networks, resources of the seas became highly coveted in trade. Conflicts of the olden days were reignited. Poseidon ruled with an iron fist, ordering Atlantean armies to annihilate any ship that entered their waters. He coupled this with his ability to control the tides, destroying his attackers with both weaponry and nature. Many lives were lost on both sides, but defending the sanctity of the seas was their divine purpose.

Years of battle led to a tense meeting. It was said, only because of constant requests, Poseidon once surfaced upon the land to meet with Songhai leadership. They pleaded with him to allow ships throughout the ocean in exchange for taxation of the shipping markets. After a brief discussion, Poseidon accepted the offer, and the Atlanteans became an integral part of global trade.

Feared throughout the world for his control of the seas, Poseidon bowed to no one. He cared little about the affairs of mortals. The inquiries and invitations of most Bloodlines often fell on deaf ears. Secluded from the surface world, the aquatic Ethereal Monarch cared only about the prosperity of his Atlantean kin.