Thor [Celts]

Divine Anarchy
3 min readJan 18, 2022


In the glacial winds of the Northern Tundra, only the strongest endured. As its bitter cold gnawed upon the Flood’s survivors, a hero emerged from the gale. He would be celebrated throughout the region as a savior of all: Thor.

Due to the region’s inclement weather and lack of food, the surviving Songhai had little choice but to band together. They moved as a unit, facing stinging snow squalls as they hunted, gathered, and explored. After establishing a base camp, the shivering survivors then came to grips with their reality. Scarce supplies and a lack of readily available resources meant certain death. They would be forced to embark on exploratory expeditions in search of sustenance.

The mountains above their camp contained scattered cave systems, which aided in their survival. The group traveled from cave to cave to shield themselves from the elements. Months into the expedition, a small search party encountered a grotto unlike any others, its corridor sundered into a glowing blue crag. The entrance emanated intense energy. Inside, an illuminating ice block pierced the shadows.

For millennia, Thor’s titanic figure remained trapped within this cobalt cavern. His frozen prison had been forged by The Creator, who deemed the Ethereal Monarch’s presence in the world a risk to all. The Great Flood had reawakened him.

As the Songhai neared Thor’s crystalized figure, gleaming blue eyes watched their every move. While his mouth remained still, a command echoed through the chamber with magnitude. “Set me free and you will survive.” The starving explorers, armed with shoddy tools, swung upon the block without thinking twice. The pristine ice splintered and cracked as their mining picks dulled.

Finally, the frozen block became brittle before shattering into a cloud of frost. As the dust settled, Thor’s mighty figure stood before them. He emanated superhuman warmth, gracing the explorers with an equally warm smile. After a brief conversation, Thor followed the party back to their main encampment in a cave nearby.

Upon returning to the camp, Thor became the group’s elected leader. His divine knowledge of the Northern Tundra led them to an endless amount of resources around the region. Their starvation was no more. With unmatched physical prowess, he also trained the survivors in the art of battle. His charismatic energy jolted them with inspiration. Thor’s salvation served as the foundation for Celt society, which began on that very day.

The Celts evolved over decades, becoming unafflicted by the polar conditions of the region. Hearty hamlets full of happy souls became scattered around the Tundra, where they ate, drank, and celebrated life. Friendly and competitive energy was central within the community. Hand-to-hand combat, gluttony, and sportsmanlike activities were commonplace. With little regard for safety, the thrill of life itself emboldened the Celts.

Thor’s protection of his people was rumored to have regained him the favor of The Creator. His leadership of Celt society had made them feared throughout the world, as they were abnormally gifted on the battlefield. Thor ruled nonchalantly, often warring with outside Bloodlines for the sake of excitement. He was known throughout the world for his jubilance, fidelity, and unconquerable strength.