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4 min readSep 10, 2023


Unlocking Your Digital Agency with our dApp

Hello Divine Anarchy Family!

This month is set to be transformative, and we’re here to dive into Divine Anarchy’s core experience — our web based dApp (decentralized application)! To kick off this month, we shared a major update on Twitter Spaces to announce all the new releases we have planned for you guys. Throughout the month, we’ll be hosting weekly events that surround major releases that provide information, new lore, and much more! Be sure to check our September Calendar below for key dates!

Who We Are: A Quick Refresher

Divine Anarchy is more than a NFT project; it represents our journey to unlock agency through Web3. Behind Divine Anarchy is Anarchy Studio, founded by Diversity (Austin Stanfield), slChld (Chris Lee), and BossyDog (Kevin Cho).

The team has made strides in developing Web3 technologies that prioritize you — enabling your empowerment and agency in this vast digital realm. Our journey spans from crafting sought-after NFTs to pioneering the realms of DeFi. But it’s not just about technology or collectibles; it’s a holistic endeavor. We blend deflationary mechanics with decentralized governance, interweaving captivating art and profound narratives. The result? A paradigm shift in creative ownership, digital asset utilization, and the broader Web3 experience.

From sold-out NFTs, we’ve created experiences that teach the value the digital ownership and governance, and we’ve won awards for our technology and to the commitment to explore, with our users, the vast potential of the entire blockchain ecosystem. We’ve been at the forefront of redefining digital Web3 interactions, and all of this is cohesively tied together by our dApp which serves to provide an immersive experience.

Our Vision & Mission

Picture the Renaissance period: A time of great cultural, artistic, and political change. Now, imagine a digital renaissance powered by Web3, where every user has the palette to paint their own digital journey.

  • Unlocking Agency Through Web3: Envisioning a world where you can reshape your digital realities, make financial decisions without middlemen, and own your art and creations. Think freedom in the digital realm. Financial autonomy, art and asset ownership, and boundary-less interactions.
  • Web3 for the Masses: We aim to bridge the digital divide, offer a user-centric experience, and provide everyone access to digital assets and control over their data. Ensuring everyone can access, understand, and benefit from the digital revolution.

Challenges & Solutions in the Web3 Frontier

The blockchain world is fragmented. For users, navigating the plethora of platforms, products, and tokens can be daunting. Add the complexities of blockchain, DeFi, and regulatory uncertainties, and it’s evident why many feel overwhelmed.

Our threefold strategy tackles this:

  1. AOL of Web3 Approach: A beginner-friendly portal reminiscent of AOL’s role in the internet’s early days, providing safety, education, and easy Web3 integration.
  2. De-Fi Product Offerings and Education: By integrating with diverse DeFi protocols, we simplify user experiences, making DeFi both accessible and user-friendly.
  3. Narratives in the New Digital Age: Harnessing Web3 Through Storytelling: We’re more than tech; we’re storytellers. Our dApp will bring narratives alive, educating, connecting animations, webtoons, and games to our core offerings.

New dApp Features Spotlight

Our upcoming dApp launch encapsulates all the above. Features like Ascension, Fusion, and DeFi are meticulously crafted to empower you. Crates will be your treasure troves, and Power will put you in the driving seat of your digital journey.

  • Ascension: Evolve. Grow. Transform. Imagine owning a piece of digital art (NFT) that doesn’t just sit there but evolves, grows, and transforms. Ascension is just that — a transformative journey for our Nemesis and Hero NFTs. They can “ascend” to a new form, which is rarer and inherently more valuable.
  • Fusion: Our award winning tech at ETHNYC’s 2021 Hackthon event. Merging, combining, creating. Fusion is about breaking boundaries and crafting something entirely new. Combine both powers and stories, and the result is a new magical creation that carries the legacy of all things it was made from.
  • Power: Only available for DA NFT holders — It’s not just a currency; it’s a passport to a richer gaming world.
  • DeFi Integrations: Dive into decentralized finance, equipped with tools, resources, and a beginner-friendly interface. Financial freedom is not just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle we want to help you achieve. Financial freedom is not just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle we want to help you achieve.

And More…

Watch out for an upcoming new Webtoon Series, the unveiling of the legendary Monarch Spirit Animals, extensive story world expansion, community events, and more!

Onwards and Upwards

Our dApp isn’t just a tool; it’s a testament to our commitment. As we transition to this new era, remember you’re at our core — our community. Together, we’re crafting the digital revolution.

Stay empowered and watch this space for more updates!

Your Divine Anarchy Team.