Solomon [Nubians]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readJan 13, 2022



In the cryptic years of old, there was said to be a nameless Songhai prince. His one offspring, a daughter, would take his place in royalty upon his death. While subject to speculation, this child was thought to be born with, “The Creator’s blessing,” as a result of her father’s connection to the divine. Her name was Solomon.

Following the Great Flood and the dawn of the Nubians, the Grasslands consisted of an assortment of fractured colonies. Previously high-status Songhai in this region remained at odds. This resulted in bloodshed between warring mini factions that burdened the region’s people for years on end. Common belief deemed unity impossible. That was until one individual changed everything.

Solomon had witnessed firsthand what remarkable leadership was as a daughter of royalty. While she was a commander of her own Nubian clan and mighty army, she denounced the bloodshed of the world around her. She had one goal: unify the Grasslands.

Armed with a silver tongue, Solomon opted for diplomacy rather than decimation. Instead of pillaging enemy clans, she confidently marched upon neighboring colonies in demand of peace. Solomon attempted to visit each leader of the region while onlookers remained skeptical. These kings and queens, who were accustomed to warfare, were caught off guard. A majority of them accepted these diplomatic meetings. Those who refused the offer out of distrust attempted defensive skirmishes. All of them were crushed by Solomon’s army. She became equally feared and revered. As she met with leaders one by one, rumors spread. Some called her, “The Wise.” Others saw her as, “The Peacekeeper.”

Years of Solomon’s negotiations lead to the mending of the Grasslands. As previously hostile clans began to interact with each other, their resources and ideas became freely exchanged. Solomon, who soon became respected as the Noble Queen of the region, possessed an unending cache of wisdom. With it, she sought to empower the Nubian people. One-of-a-kind knowledge in domains such as agriculture, economics, and science propelled Nubian society forward. It became the embodiment of intellectual enlightenment and progress.

The Grasslands’ prominence made Solomon’s name ring around the world. She welcomed all, as Nubian society embraced its intellectual melting pot. But, she was also indomitable in her geopolitical negotiations. Known as a fierce mediator, she remained fearless in the face of leaders from other Bloodlines. Solomon was delicate yet dangerous and put the peaceful progress of the Grasslands above all else.