Introducing Our Inaugural Crate Drop: What’s Inside the Divine Tribunal Rewards?!

Divine Anarchy
3 min readSep 23, 2023


Table of Contents:

· Table of Contents:
· Hello, Divine Anarchy Family!
· What’s In Store For You?
· Why Embark on This Journey?
· Wrapping Up

Hello, Divine Anarchy Family!

Our universe is vast, dynamic, and ever-expanding. Now, with our 1st ever crate drop, we’re offering a fresh canvas upon which you can paint your own legendary tales.

What’s In Store For You?

For the Victors: Championing the Divine Tribunal event in Season 1 signifies more than just your prowess — it’s your key to unlocking the mysteries of our inaugural crate drop. As a testament to our deep appreciation, this exclusive reward awaits solely for our valiant Nemesis token holders. Your journey, your battles, and your triumphs with us have paved the way for this and many more rewards to come!

dApp Release: The crates will make their grand entrance in tandem with our much-anticipated dApp release (October 7th). As the universe of Divine Anarchy continues to expand, this synergistic release promises to augment your user experience.

Webtoon Series Magic: As the curtain falls on the Divine Tribunal and Season 1, the Stormwall crumbles. The Wastelanders, driven by destiny, advance towards Xantha, a land veiled in mystery for a millennium.

In collaboration with Laurel Pursuit Studios, we’re turning the tides in not only in the NFT landscape, but we’re also pioneering the future of IP development. Our crate drop is more than just collectibles; it’s a showcase of how Web3 technology can redefine artistic creation and monetization. Beyond the NFT realm, we’re crafting a disruptive pathway for creatives.

Expect to stumble upon rare attributes derived directly from the forthcoming Webtoon Series by Divine Anarchy. We’re bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, inviting you to be part of this transformative journey in the IP landscape.

Treasures Within: Our crates are also packed with a range of items from the common to the ultra-rare. And the crown jewel: the ultra-rare Fusion Earrings (an homage to the iconic Dragon Ball Z series).

Procuring the Crates: For those of you without a Nemesis Token, fear not. You have until the dApp launch (October 7th) to obtain a Nemesis token to receive the first crate drop. In the future, you will be able to join in the fun by purchasing future crates with ETH. And guess what? For the astute strategists wielding Power, a generous discount awaits.

Crates will be ready to view starting October 7th (launch day) , and can be claimed starting October 15th, 2023. Crates will not be tradable on this initial release, but may be in the future.

Why Embark on This Journey?

Craft Your Own Odyssey: These crates aren’t just repositories of magical artifacts — they’re portals to sculpting your narrative within the Divine Anarchy universe. Seamlessly intertwining items, tales, and epochs, you’re partaking in a cosmic dance, scripting your own legendary saga.

A Game of Strategy: Beyond the allure of the arcane, these crates empower you with profound strategic depth. Whether channeling the prowess of the Fusion Earrings or harnessing attributes from the Webtoon Series, you’re not just playing the game — you’re mastering it.

Wrapping Up

The time is ripe, and the universe is calling! Immerse yourself in the ever-evolving world of Divine Anarchy. With this inaugural crate drop, we promise a journey filled with wonder, intrigue, and unmatched experiences.

Stay attuned for more updates, we will be sharing additional information and hosting community events all month long!

With gratitude and excitement,

Your Divine Anarchy Team.