Genghis [Mongols]

Divine Anarchy
2 min readMar 9, 2022


In West Asia, luscious flora, razor-sharp ravines, and diverse wildlife blended into an enriched embodiment of Mother Nature’s will. Deep within its jagged mountain ranges resided a lone mercenary, tasked with the spiritual mission of preserving the land’s holiness. This rugged survivalist would come to lead the Mongol Bloodline. He became known throughout the world as Genghis.

After the Great Flood, a myriad of Songhai tribes remained scattered throughout the territory. Factions arose. Battles began. While these roaming clans were hostile, many of them shared one common value: an utmost respect for nature. The region’s wildlife and herbs were widely embraced for hunting, medicine, armors, and more. This served as a foundation for their evolution into a new Bloodline: the Mongols.

Violence remained prevalent in the verdant jungles of West Asia. Because all strangers were enemies on sight, traversing the land alone was seen as a sure death. Yet, Genghis meandered without worry. Born from unknown circumstances, he was raised only by nature itself. Genghis lived humbly off of the land, residing with wolves, bears, and tigers in harmony. Graced with powers from the divine, he was able to communicate with the wildlife that surrounded him.

When encountered by hostile tribes, Genghis never lost. Bands of roaming raiders would charge toward him only to lose sight of his figure in the shadowy thicket. As a skillful marksman and combatant, he eliminated these enemies with swiftness. He was never outnumbered, as nature was always on his side. Rumors soon spread of an unassailable man who commanded the wildlife of the woods.

Over time, most tribes came to fear Genghis’ presence. Rather than trying to fight him, these fractured clans attempted to make peace in exchange for a position of leadership. Genghis, being a man of patience and resolve, accepted their offers. He had a plan, one that would change the course of West Asia forever.

As he accepted multiple peace treaties with tribes behind their backs, Genghis secretly assembled a unified force. Tribe leaders were furious. But, most of them realized there was no alternative. Genghis sat down with his previous foes and forced them to settle their differences. This moment marked the genesis of the Mongol Bloodline’s most dominant clan.

Not all tribes accepted this consolidation of power. War was the inevitable outcome. Genghis would come to lead his new legion in fierce battles throughout the region, which remained in chaos for decades.

Following years of warfare, Genghis stepped back from the fight. While he continued to lead his troops strategically, the Ethereal Monarch shifted focus to his connection with the divine. He sought to better his people, publishing philosophical texts containing The Creator’s unparalleled wisdom and profound secrets of nature. Genghis became renowned throughout all Bloodlines of the world. He was revered for both his tenacity and sophistication.