Gallery Feature Press Release

Divine Anarchy
2 min readDec 16, 2022

Our in-house gallery experience allows new and existing users to search through a single source of truth for rarities, discover their Divine Anarchy pfp, and collect and amass their army!

Hello Divine Anarchy Family!

Our new gallery feature has been shipped on our website ! With art that is second to none in terms of quality and detail, users can quickly discover and share their grails with the community and NFT enthusiasts interested in joining the Divine Anarchy Family.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you can do in our new Gallery Feature:

  • Look up any existing collection by our official rarity scores
  • Filter by categories and attributes within each collection
  • View all sacrificed (burned) DA NFTs to easily distinguish who’s already taken the great sacrifice to attain ascension for our heroes
  • Link to OpenSea to purchase your grails
  • And many more new features that will be implemented!

While some platforms provide rarity scoring as a service, having this experience built in-house benefits our users long-term. There will always be a risk that these platforms will discontinue their services. We cannot control or enhance the experience nor fix any other potential technical issues that may arise. Divine Anarchy has released four collections, starting with the Original Collection, which consists of weighted rarity scores based on bloodlines. This needs to be clarified for users about which platform is the most accurate.

As the single source of truth for rarities, users can confidently explore each of the existing collections, hone in and collect rare attributes, and look through each uniquely generated token to find their Divine Anarchy pfp character.

After concluding our initial roadmap of Season 1 with the launch of our Original Collection, Divine Apples Collection (ascension utility and deflationary mechanics), Spirit Animals Collection, and Wasteland Collection, along with our MVP Dapp: the first social governance RPG game where Heroes and Nemesis clash to decide the fate of Divine Anarchy’s future.

Though we can’t tell you anything super-specific yet, Season 2 will bring new features that help you understand and experience WEB 3 through our unique gamified platform in a memorable and immersive way, one of which is our new Gallery Feature, now live on our website!

Visit our website and check out our new gallery feature under the tools section! Lose yourself in the art, the lore, and the process of finding your web3 persona! Visit today!