From NFTs to Narratives: Fusion’s User-Powered Story

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Table of Contents

· What’s “Fusion”?
· From Tokens to Tales
· The Components of Fusion
· Fusion 101: A Step-by-Step Guide
· A Brief Explanation of the Mechanics Around Fusion and Wrapping Tokens
· Benefits of Fusion
· Only Just the Beginning!

Hello Divine Anarchy Family,

We are thrilled to introduce “Fusion”, a groundbreaking feature that goes beyond mere cosmetic changes. In order to get a complete picture of what Fusion entails, we’ll also be introducing our ecosystem currency aka Power, as well as our upcoming crates!

(We anticipate questions about the ‘power’ dynamics within Fusion. Rest assured, we’ll delve deeper into this topic in upcoming blog posts and during our Bonfire events.)

What’s “Fusion”?

Imagine a universe where your NFT isn’t static, where each digital artifact can be transmuted, refined, and reinvented. Fusion is that universe.

The Fusion mechanic allows users to combine multiple tokens, wrapping them together to birth an enhanced, evolved token. While the concept may sound familiar to avid gamers — with features like “Enchantments” in World of Warcraft that boost gear stats, or “Transmogrification” in Diablo 3 allowing players to transform their equipment’s appearance — Divine Anarchy takes a fresh spin on this idea. Rather than altering appearance or stats, Fusion metamorphoses the core essence of the NFT.

From Tokens to Tales

Start with an NFT character or token. As an enthusiast, you can accumulate various items and rewards from diverse themes like Wasteland, Ascension, Halloween, or even Dungeons & Dragons. Now, imagine blending them using ‘Fusion’ to craft a new character, inheriting attributes and powers from its components. Some items, like a unique NFT character, a dragon’s tooth, or a phoenix feather, are one-of-a-kind treasures. Others, though more prevalent, like Coinbase shields or enchanted jewelry, add their magic to the mix.

But it’s not just about collecting items. With the Fusion feature, users also have the chance to mold the stories connected to their digital assets. Each asset tells its tale, unique and non-duplicable, reflecting the stories we craft in our own lives. This concept is the essence of storytelling as a currency.

In today’s digital age, narratives powered by Web3 technology play a crucial role. Our approach emphasizes the transformative potential of NFTs in the Web3 landscape. They’re more than just digital art; they are a fusion of innovative mechanics, democratic governance, stellar artistry, and compelling stories. This synergy positions users at the forefront of the NFT revolution, equipping them with the agency to harness their assets productively.

The Components of Fusion

  • Fusion: A Unifying Feature: Fusion isn’t just about surface-level changes. It’s the reconfiguration of your NFTs very essence.
  • The Fusion mechanic, an innovation born during the ETHNYC 2022 Hackathon (and incidentally, a prize winner thanks to Tatum).
  • Delve deeper into its origins by viewing the ETH 2022 HACKATHON FUSION PRESENTATION
  • Journey to the Center of our dApp: Our dApp isn’t just a tool; it’s the living heart of Divine Anarchy. Here, enthusiasts can manage their NFT assets, ascend or sacrifice their NFTs, and importantly, start their Fusion experiments.
  • The Heartbeat of Fusion — Power: While the spotlight shines brightly on the Fusion feature, it’s crucial to understand the driving force behind it: POWER. This ecosystem currency is utilized by users to wrap their tokens. In addition to the Power costs, users are also responsible for gas fees, payable in ETH (Ethereum).
  • Crates: The Pandora’s Box: Amid the vast expanse of the Divine Anarchy universe, Crates emerged as mysterious containers, holding within them elements that could be harnessed during Fusion. These Crates, when unlocked, bestow users with attributes, elements, or even rare artifacts.

Fusion 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

Collections Compatible with Fusion:

  • Original Collection: NFTs from the original 10k collection
  • Wasteland Collection: 5k collection NFTs from the spinoff collection named “Wasteland“
  • Ascension Gear Set: Once users apply an “Ascension Apple” to their original collection NFTs, users unlock the evolved metadata from those NFTs, boasting a new form, look, and attributes

Crates: Each crate is packed with diverse elements such as new items (1155’s), that can play a pivotal role in the Fusion journey.

  • Nemesis token holders will be able to claim our first ever crate drop as a reward from the Divine Tribunal Event
  • Users will also be able to acquire Crates with ETH, and at a discount by using Power

POWER: Our ecosystem currency exclusive to DA NFT holders. The essence required for the Fusion process. Think of it as the “mana” or “energy” that that fuels this transformative process.

  • Each Fusion costs 2000 Power in addition to gas
  • The cost to splice / un-wrap will be free but will cost gas
  • Players will receive Power based on their existing Diamond Points. This is the initial method to kickstart Power within the ecosystem
  • Spirit Bonding will be the primary method for players to earn Power after the initial distribution. (more on this later)

A Brief Explanation of the Mechanics Around Fusion and Wrapping Tokens

Unveiling the layers of Fusion, here’s a guide to mastering the craft:

  • Start by logging into our dApp and heading to your inventory
  • Choose all NFTs you desire to fuse
  • For each metadata attribute (such as weapons, attire, or hairstyle), choose the specific token you want to use
  • Review your choices and approve from your wallet, finalize the Fusion using your Power reserves
  • You may Splice or un-wrap your fused token at any given moment for free. To do so will cost gas for the user

How can users safely wrap or unwrap their NFT tokens into new NFTs?

  • Real NFT Fusion: We have developed a mechanism for NFTs that allows users to modify various traits of the metadata by wrapping 721, 721a, and 1155 tokens into a 721 wrapped token.
  • With Fusion, you can enhance your NFTs by attaching gear and selecting attributers directly on chain by wrapping and unwrapping them together. You can preview, swap, and remove gear and NFTs as your see fit.
  • Visual Fusion: Our real-time mixing process is powered by an API endpoint, delivering visuals in a Base64 Encoded format.

Benefits of Fusion

  • Agency Through Storytelling: It’s not just passive storytelling. Readers (users) can own and actively participate in the story by deciding what to combine. By merging items from different chapters or stories, you’re blending their tales, histories, and values.
  • Unparalleled Customization: Granting users the tools to sculpt and birth new NFTs by synergizing existing ones directly on the blockchain.
  • Strategic Asset Management: Fusion can be harnessed as an inventive deflationary strategy, especially with our unique Bad Apples mechanic.
  • Versatile Trading Opportunities: Opens doors for bundling various NFTs, adding a layer of strategy and intrigue to trading.
  • Real-Time Preview: Experience the magic of Fusion firsthand, with live mixing previews, ensuring that the final product resonates with the creator’s vision.

Only Just the Beginning!

With the ability to select up to 12 NFTs for a Fusion, the possibilities are vast and exciting. Dive into the world of Divine Anarchy and experience the next level of NFT evolution!

Join us this Thursday, 7PM EST, for a thrilling Bonfire Event where we delve deeper into the captivating story of Fusion’s arrival in the world of Xantha. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Warm Regards,

Your Divine Anarchy Team

September Release Calendar

Glossary for Crucial Terms:

  • Fusion: A groundbreaking process enabling users to combine multiple NFTs, harnessing their attributes to birth a novel NFT
  • Crates: Containers filled with elements that can be utilized during Fusion
  • POWER: The essential energy or “mana” that propels the Fusion process
  • dApp: The decentralized application, the central platform for all activities within the Divine Anarchy universe

Always remember, as the Divine Anarchy universe expands, its mechanics and lore may transform. Stay connected to our channels for the freshest updates and tales!