Elevate Your XANTHAN Adventure with Power and Spirit Bonding

Divine Anarchy
6 min readSep 27, 2023

Table of Contents

· Introducing Power: The Heartbeat of Divine Anarchy’s Ecosystem
· Spirit Bonding Mechanics Simplified
· Staking, Cryptocurrency, and Spirit Bonding: Understanding the Parallels
· Your Guide to the ‘Spirit Bonding’ Mechanic
· Wrapping It Up

Introducing Power: The Heartbeat of Divine Anarchy’s Ecosystem

Empower your Experience: Exclusive to Divine Anarchy NFT holders, Power isn’t just a currency; it’s the beating heart of XANTHA and our ecosystem, amplifying your dApp experience. From Fusion to discounted crates, every transaction pulses with Power.

Where to Find Power? On the dApp, be it during Fusion checkouts, or on your profile page when logged in. Power is wallet-bound.

How to acquire additional Power? By utilizing our “Spirit Bonding” Mechanic which requires users to own NFTs from our Original Collection or Wasteland Collection, and our Spirit Animals!


Spirit Bonding Mechanics Simplified

How to Think About It:

  • Spirit Animals: A spiritual guide to the Astral Realm. They have unique attributes and lineages, and are limited in supply! Only 2,510 will ever exist!
  • Pairing Up: Combining certain Spirit Animals with the Original Collection or Wasteland Collection characters, much like teaming up in sports, can boost your rewards. The stronger the combination, the better the payoff.
  • Being Active: Just like watering a plant, you need to ‘visit’ your Spirit Bonds regularly. Log in once a month to re-bond and reinforce your connections.
  • Rewards (Power): The longer and more actively you maintain the bond, the more Power you earn. This Power can then be used for various activities in XANTHA’s ecosystem.
  • Using Power: Think of Power as a special currency. It can be used for various exciting activities like Fusion or to get discounts on crates.

Why Engage in Spirit Bonding?

It’s not just about earning rewards. It’s a fun, interactive way to be part of the XANTHA universe, understanding your Spirit Animals better and maximizing their potential.

Staking, Cryptocurrency, and Spirit Bonding: Understanding the Parallels

A Quick Dive into Staking: In the world of cryptocurrencies, ‘staking’ can refer to:

On-Chain Staking Mechanic:

  • How it Works: Users delegate tokens to a specific smart contract, which usually performs DeFi (Decentralized Finance) related tasks.
  • Purpose: To earn rewards based on the contract’s performance or the utility it provides.
  • Example: A user might stake tokens in a DeFi protocol to provide liquidity, earning interest or yield in return.

Proof of Stake (PoS):

  • How it Works: Instead of ‘locking’ tokens, users delegate them to a network participant (like a miner or maintainer). The owner retains token ownership but allows the delegate to use them for network operations.
  • Purpose: To support transaction validation and network security. By staking their tokens, users show they have a vested interest in the network’s proper functioning. In return, they earn a portion of the transaction rewards.
  • Note: This is where the concept of enhancing network security primarily applies.

While Spirit Bonding in XANTHA’s ecosystem bears a resemblance to the concepts of staking in the world of cryptocurrencies, there are distinct differences. But, this resemblance is by design. It’s a part of Divine Anarchy’s broader strategy: using gamification and storytelling narratives to bridge the gap between everyday users and the often complex world of crypto and blockchain.

Spirit Bonding vs. Traditional Staking:

While Spirit Bonding in XANTHA’s ecosystem bears a resemblance to the concept of staking, there are distinct differences:

  1. Off-chain Mechanics: Spirit Bonding does not occur on the blockchain. Instead, it’s an off-chain process developed within XANTHA’s own system, independent of blockchain mechanics.
  2. Proprietary Ecosystem Currency: Power is not just a reward; it’s the foundation of XANTHA’s ecosystem. This currency system is designed to reward customers and users. In the future, there’s potential to model it further, providing token (ERC-20) incentives to motivate users to engage with and utilize our platform.
  3. Rewards System: Both staking and Spirit Bonding offer rewards to users. In the case of Spirit Bonding, users earn Power based on their active engagement and the specific tokens users will choose to bond.

Why the Comparison?

While Spirit Bonding is unique in its operation, comparing it to staking offers a familiar reference point for those acquainted with cryptocurrency. The essence is similar: by holding onto and engaging with an asset (be it a crypto token or a Spirit Animal NFT), users stand to earn rewards over time.

Your Guide to the ‘Spirit Bonding’ Mechanic

Unlocking Power: Spirit Bond your Spirit Animal NFTs with any of our character NFTs (from both the Original and Wasteland collections)! Active engagement is key — ensure you check in once every 30 days to reinforce the bonds being made (and anytime after the first day!). Whether you choose to bond for a day or beyond, there’s no strict limit or minimum. Maximize your gain by pairing specific tokens based on Bloodlines and animal types.

Spirit Bonding Rates & Multipliers: Depending on your token, monthly accrual rates vary. Pair these with bloodline multipliers, and you could be looking at a max of 20,000 Power, equivalent to 10 Fusions.

How Does Spirit Bonding Work?

Select Your Spirit Animal NFT Token: Choose from a diverse array of Spirit Animals, each boasting its unique power rate.

Maintain Activeness: Regular checks are essential. Ensure to log in at least once every 30 days, and reinforce the bonding mechanism to keep the Spirit Bond alive. You’re also free to re-engage any day after the initial bonding.

Bond for Greater Rewards: Spirit Bonding isn’t just an individual journey, and all we’ve worked to ensure the mechanics are tied to the profound Bloodline narrative.

Bonding Rates & Multipliers: The Spirit Animal you choose and its lineage play crucial roles:

Monthly Base Rates:

  • Monarch Spirit Animals take the lead at 800 Power/month
  • Dragons come next at 400 Power/month.
  • Shinigami, Toad, and Monkey follow with 200 Power/month.
  • Wolf and Tiger bring forth 100 Power/month.
  • Bear, Horse, and Stag offer 50 Power/month.

Bloodline Multipliers:

  • Legendary Monarchs unlocks a whooping 10x multiplier
  • Genesis blood offers a 5x multiplier.
  • Agarthian, Songhai, and Atlantean provide a 3x boost.
  • Hoshashei (Wasteland), Egyptian, Mongolian, Celtic, Nubian, and European bear a 2x multiplier.

Max Power: The most committed bonders can accumulate up to 20,000 Power, equal to 10 Fusions (2000 Power per Fusion). Users can earn up to the max cap, but will not earn anymore once they reach this cap. Note: The max cap is subject to change in the future but at launch will be at 20k.

Cost: When it comes to buying power, 2,000 Power costs 0.03 ETH, with potential sales increments of 1,000 Power at 0.015 ETH each.

Crafting Tomorrow’s Vision

Behind the Scenes: Our passionate teams harness a slew of tools from efficient database solutions to robust smart contracts, crafting a smooth user experience.

On the Horizon: We’ll be monitoring and exploring user interactions to keep Spirit Bonding vibrant, dynamic, and sustainable. There is also the potential to enhance Spirit Bonding even further through gamification. We have the ability to leverage the unique metadata attributes of our NFTs, creating layers of strategy and decision-making for the players. Note: The initial roll out will be simplified, tested, is still what we consider a work in progress.

We’re keeping an ear to the ground, always attuned to feedback and player behavior. This informs our roadmap, as we ponder integrations with other platforms or functionalities, always aiming to offer a rich, multifaceted experience.

Wrapping It Up

Join the Divine Anarchy community as we embark on a journey into the world of Spirit Bonding. Dive in, connect with your Spirit Animals, earn rewards, and experience the true power of the XANTHA universe. Share your stories and feedback with us as we craft this adventure together! Our goal is to provide a seamless, transparent, and rewarding bonding experience. As we introduce this feature, we invite you to join us on this exciting expedition — bond, earn, and harness the power within!