• We had two designers working on game design and actually implemented one of them, however, the other designer we think did a better job so we will be switching out some of the existing UI for this new UI
  • Music/Sound & SFX, in general, to make the experience more interesting (this can be disabled/muted)
  • *Something something* update (it’s a secret ;) )
  • Hooking up all the UI to the actual functionality that we previously wrote
  • Deployment/server setup for the launch
  • AMA with the Core Team Jan 20th
  • Game Launch Jan 21st
  • Game mechanics infographic
  • Merch Store goes live Jan 21st
  • New Website Launch Jan 21st
  • Adan Ethereal Monarch Giveaway, TBA this week
  • Backstories of Solomon, Thor, Anubis, Arthur, and Genghis



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