Divine Anarchy’s 1 Year Anniversary

Divine Anarchy
3 min readNov 6, 2022

This past year in the NFTs and crypto world has been anything but boring.

As a community, we saw volume across significant exchanges like Opensea numbers drop like a brick. The Q3 of 2022 saw $3.4 billion in NFT sales, down from $8.4 billion from Q2 and $12.5 billion at the market’s peak. Media big and small continued to call NFTs and Web 3 a bubble yet teams like Divine Anarchy drowned out the noise by continuing to build, no matter what the world told us. Why? Because that’s what true warriors do: they come together with a common goal and go against the current.

Press rewind on the volatility of the past year and let us meditate upon the OG collection of DA’s nine different bloodlines: Genesis, Songhai, Atlantean, and many more, all containing their one-of-a-kind art, rare traits, and overall singular attitude. Besides DA providing high-quality IP, Divine Anarchy took the first steps in truly owning one’s digital identity and governance, ascending once again what it means to exist in the world of Web 3 and Gamefi. With the Divine Tribunal, citizens possessed voting power, giving them, not the DA team or its DEVs, complete control of where the story of Divine Anarchy would go. Your participation in voting for community-derived proposals on top of the Tribunal, ultimately lead to a victory for the Nemesis, scoring them Ascension for Season 2. Heroes, don’t be dismayed, the world loves an underdog story. Every DA citizen will have the opportunity to be onboarded through our new Dapp filled with a brand-new gallery, governance and proposal system, and more. The Divine Anarchy team has not only created an amazing product but a culture whose processes allow its users to be the champion of their own destinies. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for Season 2 citizens.

The time of Ascension is coming Citizens of Divine Anarchy. If you possess an Ascension Apple to ascend, holders will not have a time restriction and can be unlocked at any time. Ascending a character by claim or by apple does not burn your Season 1 character.

Another element we are bringing to the universe of Divine Anarchy is Fusion and Polymerization, but what is it? Fusion/Polymerization is the concept of mixing multiple Divine Anarchy NFTs to create a character of your very own. By fusing DAs together, you will “wrap” them which allows you to also “unwrap” the fused token and gain your original tokens back. Each “trait slot” will be given the option to be changed based on what tokens you provide. This is just another way that we are trying to tap into and innovate our quest into the first social RPG in Web 3.

For everyone, that’s stuck with Divine Anarchy through the highs and lows of our first mint, Wasteland, Spirit Animals, and more — thank you. We can’t wait to continue building and show you everything Season 2 is going to bring to the world of DA. For newcomers, get ready for community initiatives and giveaways, competitions, and ongoing collaborations and partnerships in the future. With the world of crypto, NFTs, and Web 3 growing every day, it’s hard not to be excited for what’s to come.

The Divine Anarchy team is thankful that you’re here.