A New Dawn

Divine Anarchy
5 min readJan 29, 2022


Hello citizens, AB here.

Over the last 6 months, it's been a pleasure co-leading the Divine Anarchy team to where it is today and pioneering the Anime NFT space.

We innovated the anime space, we brought deflationary mechanics to smart contracts, we set need standards on quality, we gamified the experience of owning and interacting with NFTs, but above all, we delivered on the roadmap we promised. We never settled for mediocre and we always demanded full effort from everyone involved from moderators to product owners.

Quite a bit ago the development team along with other dev core members approached me with the goal of creating a deeper gaming experience for this project. At first, I was divided due to the fact that P2E / tokenomics isn’t where my passion for NFTs lies nor where I think my talents are best at use.

In fact, when the dev team approached me about building out the game experience to a deeper level I realized that this was a task for individuals who have a deep background in code, smart contract development, programming, and gaming. Something which is far from my focus in the Web 3 space.

After speaking with some of the co-founders we tried to figure out how to add additional utility after S1 was complete. The logical path due to the current market sentiment of what NFTs should be has led us to where we are today… A new dawn.

A while ago, Diversity (CTO of DA) approached me with an offer of acquiring a majority stake in the Divine Anarchy title. His argument was that if he was to sell his company, focus full time on Web 3, and build out this ecosystem full time he couldn't do it with the current ownership rate that had been allocated to him last year. This makes complete sense and is understandable which is why we took the time to sit down and review the dev team's proposal.

After much deliberation with team members, core leaders in our community, and knowing where my strengths lie in this space I accepted his offer to acquire a majority stake in Divine Anarchy for the sake of continued development and progress on the tech side of the product which requires strong tech-focused leadership that has experience building a tech company pruned for glory.

This is one of those days where you understand the amazing product you created and you realize when the baton must be passed to highly efficient runners to continue the race for the sake of building things that will push the Web 3 agenda forward.

A few accomplishments up to date that I would like to highlight.

At the time of writing this article, our NFTs floor is valued 427% higher than mint price and close to an all-time high. Had you purchased a Divine Anarchy NFT vs holding ETH you would be at an immense net positive and your NFT would've acted as a hedge against the current bear market.

Secondly, we have passed the 51% unique ownership rate of wallets that hold Divine Anarchy NFTs. This is massive and I love to see so many people holding something that was merely an idea a year ago. I look forward to opening up OpenSea in the future and seeing this number grow.

Finally, we accomplish the things we promised we would do (apart from merch which will still be put out once international supply chains are restored due to COVID and Chinese New Year during February) and delivered on our roadmap at full as planned.

Our lead artist and art department did not only create one NFT collection but eight. Male Heroes, Male Nemesis, Female Heroes, Female Nemesis, Ascended Male Heroes, Ascended Male Nemesis, Ascended Female Heroes, and Ascended Female Nemesis. We did this for the love of the craft and for the love of anime. We didn’t cut corners and our constant grind to achieve perfection was non-negotiable in our pursuit for incredible anime NFT art.

Oh and don't forget the completely new Wasteland collection that we cooked up in a mere 2 weeks for people affected by the gas wars hyperloop.

So where to next… I have been investing about $40,000 USD per month in salaries as we have a full-time dev team, a new website/graphics team, a customer service team, and a social media management department. All these team members are either part-time or full time but development isn't cheap so we are making sure that good people are onboarded so that the build may continue.

As leadership takes a more tech-centered approach I have allocated $500,000 USD to keep the ship running as well as fund gas for the airdrops of Ascension Apples & Wasteland collection. As we all know, gas isn't cheap so the funds will remain in the custody of Diversity who will now be responsible for the future success of the project along with any new team members he chooses to bring on.

I will still remain in D.A. as an advisor and overseer to ensure that leadership has access to the plethora of resources and connections I have acquired over the years of being in this market and to make sure the boat is steered in the right direction until it is self-sustaining for the team to continue pushing forward. All I ask is that you be patient and kind with them just as you have been with me because this dev team is one of the hardest working teams I have ever worked with.

I am currently working on getting my documentation in line to enter Japan (due to COVID 19 restriction it's a little slow) to submit myself to rigorous training in Manga, Japanese anime art methodology, and studying the way that Japanese artists create and builds their storytelling.

I am deeply convicted with the fact that art will continue to reign supreme as the cornerstone of NFTs so you will hear more from me as I continue to build the Web 3 Anime/Manga narrative and innovate in this field.

I would also like to state publicly a few requirements I have set forth for the dev team. They MUST continue to develop and the funds allocated to the project are for the project. That is the agreement and that stipulation is the only reason this transition makes sense and is coming to fruition.

With that being said, I will still be observing and advising but I will not impose over the new leadership as it is no longer my role and the responsibility is now that of those in charge to lead with integrity and equanimity.

To the new leadership… You got this. As long as you are curious enough to build, ignore the naysayers, and are okay with breaking things along the way I trust the future of this project is bright.

To the Divine Anarchy community. Keep your hopes up because a new dawn is upon us.

All the love.
All the power.

-Asset Bender-